Miguel Cardoso

Porto, Portugal. Superior architect from the School of Architecture of the University of Porto in 1996 and director of the firm Miguel Cardoso architect Lda. He began his professional practice, still as a student, in 1986 in the offices of the architects Carlos Carvalho Dias, Pedro Eckenroth Guimarães, Miguel Eckenroth Guimarães and Vasco de Morais Soares. He has had his own studio since 2000 and in 2008 his firm Miguel Cardoso, architect Lda., which he currently runs in Porto. In his professional practice he has developed projects in Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde, Angola, Algeria, Congo and Colombia. His works include several stores for international brands, residential buildings, commerce, industry and tourism, the most recent project being the “Vilafoz hotel & SAP” hotel in Porto. He is currently an international partner at Grup Idea.