The Danish brand Normal has commissioned Abessis and Grup Idea to open a new commercial premises in the CC Mataró Parc in Maresme (Barcelona), in the “turnkey” modality. In the same modality, work has been carried out on the premises of CC Ferial Plaza in Guadalajara, Calle Don Juan de Austria in Valencia, CC Islazul in Madrid and they are accompanying the brand in its expansion process in other locations in Spain.

Grup Idea has developed the project, from the feasibility report, the design of the space, the architectural and engineering project, the project management, the obtaining of building and activity permits and the legalisation of installations. Abessis, for its part, has been in charge of the works and construction management with the conditioning and integral reform of the space. The premises in which work has been carried out have a surface area of between 400 and 700 m2.

The Normal chain offers products of the best drugstore and cosmetics brands at fixed low prices in its stores. With its claim “normal products at abnormal prices”, it has a consolidated presence in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

CLIENTE:NormalLOCATION:SpainSERVICES:Turnkey ProjectSURFACE:400 - 700 m2