Abessis hosts the event RETAIL future afterwork ’22 in Valencia

On 27 October, Grup Idea and Abessis held the RETAIL Future Afterwork ’22 event on trends in commercial design, retail construction and technology. The event was attended by around 80 people, including retail experts, clients and collaborators, and formed part of the programme of RETAIL future, the forum on trends and digitalisation for small businesses and crafts. 

The RETAIL future afterwork ’22 event was held at the offices of Grup Idea and Abessis in Valencia and counted with the collaboration of RETAIL Future, the economic observatory EIXOS and KEANU. The aim of the afterwork was to provide a space to reflect on commercial design and construction in the retail sector, as well as to bring new uses of technology to make strategic decisions and/or build customer loyalty. Watch the video summary of the event:

Through EIXOS we discover how through the analysis of big data we can get quality data or reliable economic reports to decide, for example, the optimal location of a commercial premises. For its part, KEANU, a studio specialising in the creation of immersive experiences, invited attendees to learn about and reflect on the world of the metaverse and experiment with the augmented reality experience “Journey to the metaverse”. With the celebration of the event, Grup Idea and Abessis reopened the Valencia offices to hold meetings with clients and events in the city.

In addition to the afterwork event, Grup Idea and Abessis also collaborated in the RETAIL future conference organised by the Comercio y Territorio-PATECO office, which was held on 27, 28 and 29 October at Veles e Vents in Valencia. Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro, Director of Strategy and Design at Grup Idea, took part in the round table Design and retail: from guerrilla design to the “figital” experience to talk with two other professionals about interior design experiences, commercial architecture and the adaptation of physical and digital retail space. 

The forum, which is now in its fifth edition, has returned to the face-to-face format and has featured 39 speakers in more than fifteen hours of debate, analysis and reflection on trade, consumption, marketing, design, the economy and the application of technology in the retail sector.