How does a retail project management company work?

Physical shops are essential to strengthen the brand’s relationship with the consumer. This September, a study by Carmila revealed that nearly 70% of the digital native brands surveyed plan to make the leap to the offline channel and open a physical shop. 

Brands are committed to an omni-channel strategy (i.e. a joint online and offline strategy) and must be present in all channels. Working with a retail project management company that understands where the market is heading and what users and brands need can be a competitive advantage when building a brand’s retail space.

Equally important is having a company with a range of professionals with experience in all areas of retail from design, implementation, project management through to final construction and completion of construction details.


The role of a construction manager

To ensure the success of the construction site, the construction manager is in charge of the following functions:


  1. Acts as a representative vis-à-vis all teams (suppliers, workers, property).
  2. He has experience in all stages of the project in order to keep the costs in balance and to avoid making the project more expensive with the best results in terms of quality and economy.
  3. He is in charge of all the human teams during the work and reviews the final quality control to guarantee the pursuit of detail and compliance with deadlines.
  4. He is the single point of communication with the client and the one who knows the updates and all the details related to the project. Through the open and accessible site monitoring software, transparency in the work is guaranteed.
  5. It has the technical and on-site experience that allows it to anticipate unforeseen events and troubleshoot problems in order to arrive on time for the final handover.


What to take into account when contracting?


Aspects such as seniority and experience in the field, clarity in the management of the construction process are very important aspects that can make us choose one company over another. Especially in retail, the delivery dates of the premises, which are set well in advance and on which many other departments depend, are immovable. The project management company in question must be able to execute the work quickly and on schedule.

How does the company prepare and manage the schedule, how does it communicate with the client and all the industrialists and technicians involved, and what happens if there is a hitch on the site?

After years of experience, at Abessis we have developed our own working method that allows us to offer our clients a clear solution. Good planning, a direct and close relationship and transparent management and execution are the basis of our method. You can find out more about our way of working on the Methodology page.

At Abessis we manage and execute the construction of new spaces as well as refurbishment and renovation projects for existing spaces in the retail, workplace, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Together with Grup Idea we offer the “turnkey” project: the complete design and construction of your project. Find out more about our company in the Services section