¡Team Building GRUP IDEA ABESSIS in Delta del Ebro!

On 25 and 26 May, the Grup Idea and Abessis teams travelled to Delta del Ebro, halfway between the Barcelona and Valencia offices, to enjoy a few days of Team Building. This fantastic location offered us an idyllic setting to disconnect and enjoy nature and its landscapes, marked by the flow of the Ebro River, coastal lagoons, dunes, riverside forests, bays and beaches. Once there, we stayed at the Juanito Platja hotel where we enjoyed the most traditional food with unbeatable views of the bay of Sant Carles de la Ràpita.


Through a guided visit to MónNatura Delta, the interpretation centre in the heart of the park, we got to know first-hand the economic activity of the area, the salt pans, the rice fields, the traditional fishing and the marine and terrestrial biodiversity it hosts. In fact, at the viewpoint and birdwatching point we were able to spot flamingos, one of the more than 150 species that nest and hibernate in the park. In addition, we have discovered the art of ‘barcas de pértiga’, the typical boat of Delta del Ebro with which we have sailed in groups through the shallow waters of the salt pans, a very fun activity to get closer to the traditions of the place and solve challenges in teams!


Precisely, the objectives of the Team Building days have been to get to know each other better, to encourage companionship and team building. In addition, through activities such as the ‘barcas de pértiga’, we have been exposed to team challenges such as reaching port safely with skill in the handling of the ‘perxa’ and with the involvement of our colleagues. It has also been a good opportunity to reinforce the corporate values that best represent us: teamwork, flexibility, imagination, ethics and honesty or involvement. Don’t miss the selection of photos from the Team Building days: