Abessis has taken part in the Food Design Festival 2023

From 12 to 15 September, Abessis attended and participated in the new edition of the Food Design Festival in Madrid. This year all the activities took place in La Nave, the innovation centre of reference of the Madrid City Council. It is a meeting point open to any activity and training on new technologies and methodologies; workspace and programmes for startups adapted to their needs and an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation consolidated at national and international level.

In its fifth edition, the Food Design Festival (FDF) has positioned itself as a space for promoting design, creativity, entrepreneurship and food innovation. In a modern, innovative and professionalised format, a series of programmed activities have been organised to facilitate collaboration between disciplines and sectors.

From left to right, Antonio Barrera, founder & CEO Singular Foods and Director Food Design Festival, Miquel Ángel Julià Hierro, Concept Architect and Design and Marketing Director Grup Idea and Luki Huber, Industrial Designer and founder of Manual Thinking.

This year, Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro, Director of Design and Marketing at Grup Idea and Abessis, gave one of the lectures entitled “Architecture and Phygital cuisine. Designing is like cooking”. In the talk, Miquel Àngel spoke about the “Design & Build Method” and its similarities with the culinary method.

Using the metaphor of paella to explain our ‘Design & Build’ Method, he discussed, for example, the importance of collaboration between disciplines to ensure the successful delivery of the work without cost overruns and on time. Other essential ingredients for successful delivery both in the kitchen and on site are placing the user at the centre, applying active listening and implementing continuous improvement in the process and in the final product.

For Abessis, the Design & Build Method is the complete value proposition for our client, the so-called “Turnkey”: the process of designing, implementing and building in the hands of a single interlocutor. If you want to know more, visit our “Turnkey project” page.

After five editions, Food Design Festival has become a meeting point for more than 150 institutions, companies, startups and confirmed professionals from the design and technology, gastronomy and retail sectors. Food Design Festival is co-organised by Singular Foods and Revista Alimentaria.