One more step towards better environmental management

Immersed in a process of continuous improvement as one of the values of our company, at Abessis we continue to make progress in achieving the objectives set. Some time ago, we set out to implement a Quality Management System certified by the ISO 9001 standard, which we continue to maintain and improve year after year.

Surrounded by initiatives that are increasingly sustainable, respectful of the environment and so necessary for the general wellbeing of people and the planet, companies play a fundamental role in society. And Abessis wants to be part of this commitment. That is why in 2023 we have decided to implement our Environmental Management System through the ISO 14001 standard.

Thanks to the technological advances available and the responsibility of each of the members of our company, control mechanisms have been designed to evaluate the environmental impact of the use of water, soil, raw materials, noise generation or waste management in each project, correcting and minimising its impact through good practices.

We are convinced that the implementation of the new ISO 14001 is important as it consolidates our commitment to environmental management in our organisation. Even so, we know that preserving our planet will not depend on concrete actions, but on a global mentality that converts the different ideas into an unstoppable trend that commits absolutely everyone.  

The construction of a small car park for electric skateboards in our offices makes us proud more for this change of mentality than for the fact itself, how far will we be able to go tomorrow? One thing is clear, we are one step closer to an Integrated Environmental Management System and the “now” is green. You can find out more about how we work in our section ‘methodology‘.

By Juan Guaita, CEO – Abessis